With an initial focus on pure diagnostic procedures, digestive endoscopy has evolved over the last 40 years to enable therapeutic surgical procedures. Endo Tools Therapeutics (ETT) is committed to advancing complex interventions by developing innovative endoscopic solutions to treat specific medical conditions for use in gastroenterology.

Guiding Values

  • Transforming surgery – The team at ETT is driven by enabling physicians to treat patients less invasively with better maneuverability and improved outcomes
  • Passion for innovation – The team at ETT is relentless in its mission to deliver easy-to-use, innovative solutions that improve and optimize current clinical practices and techniques
  • Dedicated to improving outcomes – The team at ETT is comprised of world-class innovators devoted to offering minimally invasive devices that reduce complications, improve the patient experience, and decrease overall healthcare costs

ETT is a privately held and located in Gosselies, Belgium. The company has been supported by the Walloon Region (DGO6) since its incorporation.


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