Endo Tools Therapeutics (ETT) is a privately held medical device company in Gosselies, Belgium. ETT is dedicated to the development of innovative devices providing new means of therapeutic interventions for gastroenterologists. It is a spin-off from Université libre de Bruxelles, based on a collaboration between the engineers of the engineering school and the gastroenterologists from Erasme Hospital.

ETT is currently developing a triangulation platform that will add therapeutic channels and degrees of freedom for interventional gastroenterology.


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Meet us in AGA Tech Summit

Endo Tools Therapeutics representatives will be present at AGA Tech Summit in Boston on April13-14. Please contact us via e-mail if you would like to meet with us and discuss our technology, strategy or latest developments.

Article & cover in GIE

The April issue of GIE includes an article by Huberty et al. (New Methods section) describing procedure made with Endomina. Illustrations of the article have the honor of being on the cover of this GIE issue. Authors evaluated the safety and feasibility of transmural...

75th case in Amman by Dr Fadi Diab

Today, Dr Fadi Diab, consultant gastroenterologist in Amman, Jordan, successfully treated the 75th patient with Endomina and its accessories. He performed 4 procedures in 2 sessions this week.   Dr Fadi explains : "I believe Endomina is a great addition to the...