endomina® system

Our Solution:
A Triangulation Platform

The endomina system is comprised of a triangulation platform (endomina platform) and suturing units (TAPES). It is the only technology that can be assembled on a flexible endoscope in the stomach, enabling physicians to successfully perform incisionless gastric procedures.

The Benefits: Enabling True Incisionless Surgery

Extending one’s reach through the endomina system, an endoscopist will be able to perform suturing like during a laparoscopy intervention, but through a natural body orifice: the mouth.

Currently, endoscopists are limited in their surgical possibilities; as traditional endoscopes have the therapeutic channels ‘locked’ in the endoscope axis, leaving the endoscopist single-handed. The endomina system provides degrees of freedom comparable to the hands of a surgeon, enabling enhanced maneuverability.

The endomina system is the only triangulation technology that can be assembled inside the stomach for a greater working space and easy introduction of instruments into the esophagus. ⁷

The triangulation platform enables an endoscopist to position different instruments relative to one another.

Forceps can be used to grab and pull tissue inside endomina to make a plication.

Using the endomina platform, pairs of tissue plications can be approximated and stitched to one another.


  • Easy-to-use⁷ platform that provides a bendable therapeutic channel which can move independently from the endoscope⁸ for unmatched freedom of movement


  • Perform procedures under direct visualization
  • Approximation of soft tissue in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Platform design enables full thickness suturing ⁹


  • Incisionless technique, leaving no external scar, with a low rate of serious adverse events (<1%) ¹⁰ and short hospital stay ¹⁰

⁷ Internal data
⁸ Compatible with 8.5 to 11mm validated endoscope models
⁹ 510k submission K211309
¹⁰ Data collected in Europe

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